Miracle of Amsterdam


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New in our range

Geneva is traditionally made of wheat, barley and rye. In 2013 people from the Slow Food organization asked me whether it would be possible to make a geneva from emer-wheat an ancient type of grain (Triticum Dicoccum). A type of grain that was used for producing beer in the very past, but never before to produce geneva. It challanged me and I excepted it with great enthousiasm because of the typical warm flavour of this ancient grain.

Tipically Dutch

The emer-wheat was grown in ‘Noord-Holland’, grinded, fermented and distilled once in ‘Friesland’ and last but not least distilled another 4 times in our distillery in Amsterdam. Than the Miracle rest for at least 2 years in oak barrels in our cellar.

Divine Taste

The name ‘Miracle of Amsterdam’ refers to a miracle from a Roman-Katholic legend of Amsterdam in which: A wafer survives the fire twice, once in 1345 from a fireplace in a monastry and once in 1452 from a burned pilgrimage chappel both in Amsterdam. Our geneva is a miracle for a different point of view: a product from nature with a divine taste.

Taste is believe

Other than the legend Miracle of Amsterdam is not blessing, but does taste blessfull.

Used types of grain:
Emergraan (tweekoorn).

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