Cognac Croizet Vintage 1966, in original wooden box


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Cognac rarely found. Apart from some collectors cellars perhaps. The 1966 we sell is the first edition from Philippe Emard, in a wooden box (like the 1961) instead of the box we show on the picture.

Because of the limited possibilities of age-control and large-scale fraude in the sixties, the distribution of vintage-cognac (cognac made of the yield of a specific year) was forbidden. Some cognac-hauses did produce vintage-cognacs though. Since their administration of yields and production were strictly in order they were able to proof the age of their cognacs convincingly. Croizet-Eymard was one of them. Cees van Wees represented the cognacs of Philippe Eymard during the seventies. He bought some of the vintage-cognacs. Vintages of the sixties are rare, we therefore only offer a small bit via our webshop.

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